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Mabuhay! Filipino Recipe

Mabuhay (ma-boo-high) means welcome in Tagalog, the Filipino, or Pilipino language. Welcome to our website, we hope you will enjoy our recipes.  

Throughout the centuries, Filipino cuisine has been a constantly evolving amalgamate of Oriental and Occidental influences. Chinese, Malay, Arab, Spanish, and American explorers and settlers have each contributed to the regions colorful culinary delights.  One of Filipino cuisine's most dominant attributes comes from the Spaniards, whose cuisine is at the source of nearly 80% of all Filipino dishes.  

Another, although less present influence is that of other South-East Asian countries who have contributed all but their love of hot spices to Filipino cooking.  On this website, we have thought it best to add hot peppers to some of the sauces and dishes, simply because that is how we best enjoy them.  

We have also tried to include alternate versions of popular dishes to suit a variety of tastes, including that of vegetarians, which aren't really catered to in most Filipino recipes.  We did so without altering the original flavor of the dishes in question, and hope you will also be able to come up with substitutions on your own.

To round off our gallery of treats from the Philippines, we have included a glossary of terms that will help you figure out what it all means, and make your trip to the grocery store easier.

This site is also a work in progress, and we plan to add recipes in the months to come, so keep coming back.  In the meantime, you may exchange recipes on our Culinary Forum.



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